Help people deliver manga
to all over the world
with cutting-edge technologies


Mantra takes advantages of computer vision and natural language processing technologies to translate any manga from a language into another.

© Ken Akamatsu

Speech bubble detection

First, Mantra detects speech bubbles that include texts to be translated into another language.

© Ken Akamatsu

Text recognition

Then, Mantra detects texts inside the speech bubbles. Mantra's robust recognition algorithm helps detection from noisy images.

© Ken Akamatsu

Machine translation

Finally, Mantra translates the detected texts into target languages and embeds them into the speech bubbles.

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Mantra achieves state-of-the-art translation performance with novel machine translation and text detection techniques.

End-to-end translation pipeline

Mantra provides an end-to-end pipeline for manga translation. The fully automated processing is much faster than human translation.

Automatic training data extraction

An accurate machine translation sysmtem requires huge amount of training data. Mantra automatically extracts the training data from the published/translated manga.

Robust text recognition

Mantra recognizes texts on manga accurately even if the input images include vairous fonts or noise.


Mantra translates any uploaded manga into English.

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